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Fire Damage Restoration

Even slight fire and water damage can destroy the foundation of your house, without you realizing it. Because fire damage and cleanup is a challenging task, you must ensure that you call a professional for their assistance because they will be able to work systematically and give you the best results possible. Don’t ignore the problem because it looks small because often times, the fire damage is extreme and gets even worse with time because it wasn’t taken care of.

If you live in Dallas Texas, Addison Fire Damage is the fastest option available to you.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?
Fire damage restoration is a cleanup system which consist of 3 phases. The first part is the removal of fire residues from the house, the second part begins with smoke and fire damage clean up and the third part is decontamination. Though these phases may not look like big tasks, it may take a few days for you to come back to your house.

When deciding about the fire damage restoration contractor, you can either call your insurance company and ask them for suggestions, or decide on a private company that suits your needs and budget.

If you decide to choose us, we’ll begin our work once the state has carried out the final investigation.

How to choose the right Fire damage restoration Company
Our suggestion is for you to hire a fire damage restoration company because unlike private contracts, these professionals will have the equipment as well as the experience to solve your fire and water damage problems. Here is checklist of things that can help you make a good decision about choosing the right fire damage restoration company
● The company should provide services of experts in fire damage with updated certificates and practice license. They should be certified by IICRC. Experience matters a lot, so make sure they have sufficient. They should have the integrity to work in a team and must know how to use equipment properly.
● The company should be well equipped with industrial grade machinery. It should be well maintained and working properly.
● The company should be registered by the state’s authorization body. It should provide services at par with standards set by IICRC for reliable results.
● The company must have a good response and coordination system so that you can stay up to date on the latest fire clean up proceeding in your house.

How Addison Fire Damage Cleans up
● Creating an inventory: A list is made of everything in the house. The salvageable items are separately listed from the ones which have been completely destroyed. The ones that are completely deteriorated by fire are thrown away after your and your insurer’s consent.
● Water Damage: Water in fire damage comes from the fire extinguishing efforts. If the fire damage is intense, chances are that the plumbing work is also damage which leaks water into the house. If this is something of concern in your house, we take care of water damage by using air movers, dehumidifiers and air drying systems. The damaged plumbing is also repaired. Generators are used which produce warm and dry air to remove water from damp objects.
● Smoke and Soot Cleanup: This is done with the help of industrial degreasers. Chemical sponges are also used where the smoke has penetrated deeply. The soot smears are vigorously cleaned. For upholstered fabric, steam cleaning is the choice for smoke and soot clean-up.
● Personal Property Restoration: Personal property includes crockery, clothes, furniture, books, wall hangings and decoration pieces. These are delicate objects and must be cleaned and restored as soon as possible.
● Structural restoration: This process includes the cleaning and refurbishing of doors, windows, ceiling, floors, walls, shelves, cabinet, plumbing and electrical fixtures. Structural restoration can take a few days to complete. We stay coordinated with the property owners so they can keep track of our work.
● Storage facility: While your house is being renovated, the movable items will be shifted to our storage facility till the fire damage restoration is completed. This is done so that contaminants are not transferred from objects that have already been cleaned. Also it is easier to work without household items being a hindrance in the process.

● Smoke Deodorization: There are three common methods used to eliminate smoke:
1. Ozone Deodorization: An ozone generator is placed in a seal tent with objects that need to be deodorized. Ozone is produced which reacts with smoke odor and eliminates it.
2. Air filtration device: This machine consists of three filters. The first filter removes large particles of 10 microns. The second filter removes particles as small as 1 micron and the third one is a HEPA filter which removes odor fibers from the air.
3. Thermal fogging: It dissolves impurities that produce odor. The chemical is vaporized and blown across the room so that smoke odor can be replaced.
● Mold Remediation: After fire damage clean-up, your house is treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent growth of mold and mildews. This is important to prevent any health hazards. Your property is sanitized from all toxic contaminants so you can return to a healthy and safe environment of your house.

Addison Fire Damage restoration is the ultimate solution to your fire damage problems. Our emergency services are available 24/7, all-round the year. If you wish to know more about our services call us now on (214)785-6990 or you can locate us at 15301 Dallas Pkwy #130B Addison, TX 75001