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Fire sprinkler

Fire sprinklers spray out about 25 gallons of water per second! The water doesn’t just saturate your floors and carpets, but gets all over your walls, ceilings, furniture, upholstery, and the many belongings you love. Just because this disaster happened, it doesn’t mean you have to lose all of your property and suffer from costly damages. Addison Water Damage are leading experts in fire sprinkler damage cleanup services and are here to help in emergencies.

Did your fire sprinklers go off? Call us now for immediate cleanup services. We operate 24 hours a day and will arrive in 30 minutes or less!

Leaders in Fire Sprinkler Damage Cleanup Services
When it comes to fire sprinkler damage and water damage cleanup services in Addison, we are proud to say we are #1. We have certification from the IICRC and are fully licensed and trained for all services related to fire sprinkler damage cleanup, including removing debris and sanitizing. What makes us stand out from other water damage cleanup companies in Addison is our commitment to our customers. We understand that no one plans for these sorts of disasters to happen, and it can be a major stress and burden on your life. Our teams of technicians are not just trained in cleanup, but how to help customers through these situations. We always openly explain the cleanup process, what results to expect, give clear choices, and are courteous to you. In addition, we work with all major insurance companies to help you cover the costs of fire damage sprinkler cleanup services, as well as damages. Just give us a call and we can help you get your home or business back to normal quickly.

How We Clean Up Fire Sprinkler Damage
Most of the cases of fire sprinkler damage we see are from accidental discharges. In these cases, there is a huge amount of water to deal with and the water is all over. Fire sprinkler damage is considered Class 3 water damage because of how quickly is saturates everything around it and not just floors.

In cases where fire sprinklers went off from small fires, there is also smoke and soot damage to clean up. The combination of smoke, soot, and water can be highly destructive to your property, and also a major health risk.

Our primary concern when cleaning up fire sprinkler damage is to make sure everyone is safe. We will do a walk through of the scene to check for hazards, such as from electrical shock or toxic mold. Our technicians use appropriate IICRC cleanup methods and wear gear like respirators and coveralls to keep them safe from any hazards.

We use state of the art equipment to expedite the fire sprinkler damage cleanup process. What would normally take hours or days with less-refined equipment can be done in less than an hour with our machines. Water extraction is performed with truck-mounted machines that have enough power to get moisture out from within carpet fibers and subfloors. Specialty tools like wands and hardwood floor suction maps help us deal with water damage on a variety of surfaces.

For smoke and soot removal, it is important to agitate the pollutants out of surfaces but without causing them to fly into the air. We have HEPA filter machines to do this, as well as chemical brushes for manually removing smoke residue. Our powerful HEPA air scrubbers get particulates out of the air and remove odors from your home.

Drying is done at your home or business, but we do also offer pack-out services in which we remove your dry, unaffected property to a safe facility which you have complete access to. Our approach to fire sprinkler cleanup is comprehensive, but also flexible to meet each unique situation.

Call Us Now for Immediate Service
Fire sprinklers can cause permanent damage very quickly. We want to save all of your property. To do so, you need to act quickly. The faster the water removal and drying process begins, the less the damages will be. We pride ourselves in great customer service and your call will always be answered by a considerate representative and we will have a team of fire sprinkler damage cleanup expert at your home or business within 30 minutes. Call us now for immediate service!